Our Story

Mokey.Co and I


I LOVE Costco.

My name is Chen, and I enjoy shopping at Costco.

As a former, tiny-budget college student, I'd dreamed of shopping at Costco since the first day of college. Not owning a car, an expensive membership fee or an appetite to finish the snacks in bulk made shopping at Costco hard. Mokey.Co was born to solve all those problems for students.   

Mokey.Co was brought to life during my first job in CT in the middle of 2017. I'd tested it at Yale for a couple weeks and received overwhelmingly positive feedback, however, I moved to Boston for an opportunity soon after. I did relaunch again at Tufts briefly, but it was not a huge success there.

In September of 2018, I quit my job in Boston and moved to LA to restart the journey with Mokey.Co again at UCLA. Go Bruins!

Our mission is to make shopping cheaper, easier & more shareable. 


How Mokey.Co works?

It sounds too good to be true, how does Mokey.Co make money then?


We mark up items reasonably, and the prices are much lower than other retailers near campus. Our hope is to get as many orders as possible during the day, and delivering all orders together at night could dramatically lower our operating costs.

Free delivery is Great. Tell me more.

Orders must be placed by 5:00 PM in order to deliver on the same day. Delivery time might be various from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM (our shopper will contact you for the delivery time). Right now, we only deliver within 3 miles of campus, and there is a $2.99 surcharge if your delivery location is 1-3 miles from campus.